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About The Kings Park Fire Department

The Kings Park Fire Department is a community based volunteer organization legally umbrellaed under the Kings Park Fire District. The Fire District has ordained that the object and purpose of the department is to protect life and property within the communities of Kings Park, San Remo and Fort Salonga during times of fire and medical emergencies, as well as all other emergency situations it is called to for assistance.

The Kings Park Fire Department consists of five companies. Companies 1 and 2 are designated as engine companies with two engines (pumper trucks) assigned to each company. Company 3 operates a tower ladder , heavy rescue and a brush truck. Company 4 provides fire police support services to the department and community. Fire Medic Company 5 commands three ambulances. Each year, your volunteers respond to over 2000 alarms. Please come inside, and enjoy our website, and leave comments through our contact page


Chief of Department

Philip Carroll

1st Assistant Chief

Michael Frail

2nd Assistant Chief

Thomas Jacino

Department Officers


Vincent Pickford

Vice President

Ronald Hobel


Frank Paliotta


Dennis Bosco

Company Officers

Company 1

CAPTAIN – William Muscara
LIEUTENANT – Thomas Weisse
LIEUTENANT – Alexander Pohlmann

Company 2

CAPTAIN – Joseph Pucci

Company 3

CAPTAIN – Ryan Klis
LIEUTENANT – Brian Kelly

Company 4

LIEUTENANT – Robert Traynor

Company 5

CAPTAIN – Samantha Gunnell

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